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Welcome to The Old Paper Mill

The Old Paper Mill (TOPM) started long before it was The Old Paper Mill. I have always loved to make my own cards, stationary, letterhead, invitations and thank you cards. Having been told so many time that I have a talent for this, only encouraged my love of creating. I went to school and got my BA in psychology and my MEd in Mental Health Counseling but all the time I continued to create cards for myself, my family and friends. I have had the honor of making surprise party invitations and envelopes for themed parties, a whole Bar-Mitzvah for close friends and numerous cards and stationary. When I had my son, I decided to stay home and raise him. While designing invoices, stationary and forms for my husbands business, I also started to create stationary, invoices, gift certificates, and eventually mailers, and promotional items for a good friends business that she was starting. A friend suggested that I get paid for my services and make a business out of doing what I love so much. The Old Paper Mill was born out of this suggestion along with her sister company Sliiide which deals with non-printed graphic layouts. I have so much joy sharing in people's special occasions and memorable events while designing custom products for their unique needs. Check out more about What We Do

I grew up between Boca Raton, Florida and London, England – back and forth. I have a degree in mental health counseling and worked as a substance abuse therapist who has now chosen to stay home and raise my son, Caleb. I enjoy doing layouts for party invitations, place cards, and other party needs. My husband, Herb, is a web designer and is teaching me how to build sites also. I have built my sons site – www.bocababyupdate.com and would love to build more sites like this for mums. I am interested in local events for my son, aromatherapy and alternative treatments, and new technology.